“From our very first date, we talked about our dream of opening a bakery.”

Our Story

We met in Paris during our college years.  On our first date we talked about a common dream to open a bakery.  After we left Paris, we moved to São Paulo, Brazil and worked in a family business, had 4 kids and battled through some ups and downs. Our dream to open our bakery seemed more unreal but always stayed strong in our minds!  We were always coming up with ideas, drawings and recipes for when our bakery would finally be real.  Then one day we said, “It’s time, let’s do it! It is now or never”  We looked at baking courses, places to live and decided to move to the United States. We found our new home in Old Greenwich, CT!  We invite you to come and enjoy our daily fresh baked artisanal breads, pastries and our in-house roasted coffee.  We hope you enjoy!

—Rafael & Katja