Moving From Brazil

Moving from São Paulo, Brazil to the small city of Amboise in the Loire Valley to learn French was the beginning of a new adventure. The culture, the small town filled with history, Da Vinci´s home where he spent his last days, a gorgeous chateau ruled by many kings, the winding streets, the little stores, and the elegant restaurants. It was so enriching just to be there! I lived with a very friendly and welcoming family and, with no knowledge of French, they managed to show me so much, making pleasant meals and nice conversation.

What struck me the most though was the first time I went to the local market. I remember it as if it was yesterday—the local cheeses, the fresh smells, a bottle of local French wine, and only 12 FF. At the market I tried sourdough for the first time – pain a l´ancienne. I loved it and had no idea how it was made, but I just loved that sour aftertaste! After a cloudy winter, it was the beginning of spring, so being able to walk around was wonderful, with the flowers blossoming and the breeze by the Loire River. Well, a picnic seemed to end every Saturday. It was just irresistible!

Below are some pictures of that day. I hope you enjoy!




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